Thesis as a Final Step to Get your Diploma

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Dissertations Variety and only One Key to Successful Writing

Thesis vs dissertation. Is there any difference between them? In Europe and the USA, the two pieces of writing do have certain distinguishing features. It would be better to have one and the same system of getting degrees all over the world. Instead of figuring out scientific peculiarities students could already embark on writing. However, let’s shed light on it!

In Europe:

  • thesis is carried out to get a D.;
  • dissertation is a broader postgraduate research project.

In the USA:

  • project is done to get Master’s degree;
  • doctoral paper is performed to get D.

So, the difference depends on a country you are studying it. Our dissertation writers will help you understand the concepts better. No matter what we get down to write a thesis or dissertation, we will produce any kind of task worth the highest scientific accolades! Thesis writing takes more than a year of your life that is why we aim at getting A only. You deserve even better than this.

Dissertation Proposal in Addition to Time-Consuming Writing

What is a dissertation proposal? It is a piece of writing that concisely structures dissertations. You could get lost among hundreds of pages and poorly present your research unless thesis proposal invention. The presentation of your scientific creation must get the Committee convinced of its worthiness. A lot of dissertation writing services don’t seriously take thesis proposal writing. Unlike our opponents we pay great attention to it as we want you to be well-prepared. Remember: apart from thesis writing, you must handle all questions asked by members of the Committee. Let us enumerate what our dissertation writing help implies:

  • thoroughly conducted broad research;
  • extensive citations and references;
  • dissertation writing style;
  • thesis proposal template to understand its writing format;
  • well-organized proposal;
  • Power Point Presentation of D. thesis;
  • sketch of possibly asked questions and answers to them.

It looks like the whole dissertation database is at your service.

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Ph.D. Dissertation from Ph.D. holders only!

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